Making Waves.
Making Waves.

Making Waves.

I'm Sophie, I'm 20, and I love the sea.

"The dolphin's smile is natures greatest deception. It creates the illusion that they're always happy." - Ric O' Barry.

Sea Life, Beaches, Rivers, Holidays, anything to do with water really.

Against Whale and Dolphin Captivity.

I don't claim any of these pictures to be mine unless I state so.

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And also I’m doing a beach clean up for new year and it’s a nice idea for a resolution!

"I went undercover from AWF to see the state of Morgan. Loro Parque completely refused to show her and kept her hidden away. I also saw a young orca just banging their head repeatedly against the gates of the tank for about 10 minutes."

Becky Phillips tweeting the Whale And Dolphin Conservation Society (via marylily2)

Thinking a lot about Morgan today <3


Off Topic, But if you could sign this I’d be hugely greatful, thanks.


Melissa's Japan Dolphins Blog: Ric O'Barry Addresses Recent Tank Cleaning Photos on the Internet


Hi everyone,

There have been several photos and videos circulating the Internet recently that show the horrible process of how tanks are cleaned in dolphinariums. The water is drained from the tank and the dolphins are actually left lying there while the workers clean around them. It is…


And again, cause it’s later.

Need someone to help me run this blog please.

I’m super busy at the minute in third year of my degree, and I’ve got to keep up with my film blog for that…however I don’t want to give up on this one.

I’ll still use it, as I’m hopefully starting my own work for Sea Shepherd soon so I’ll blog about that, however I need someone who will:

1. Post a few lovely sealife pictures every day.

2. Needs to be anti-cap I’m afraid..and should re-blog any interesting news on marine captivity that’s from an anti - perspective

3. Help get followers

4. Also, if you could help me sort out my theme so it shows text under the pictures, but still makes them look as pretty that would be great. You don’t have to help run my blog to do this..if you know the HTML let me know anyway please lol.

Message if you’re interested…I’ll keep hounding til I get someone.

Ta x

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